About Us

About the Florida Association of Drug Court Professionals.


The Florida Association of Drug Court Professionals was created by Florida  statute 397.334.

5)(a)  The Florida Association of Drug Court Program Professionals is   created. The membership of the association may consist of drug court program   practitioners who comprise the multidisciplinary drug court program team,   including, but not limited to, judges, state attorneys, defense counsel,   drug court program coordinators, probation officers, law enforcement   officers, members of the academic community, and treatment professionals.   Membership in the association shall be voluntary.
(b)  The association shall annually elect a chair whose duty is to   solicit recommendations from members on issues relating to the expansion,   operation, and institutionalization of drug court programs. The chair is   responsible for providing the association's recommendations to the Supreme   Court Treatment-Based Drug Court Steering Committee, and shall submit a   report each year, on or before October 1, to the steering committee.  

The general assembly of the Florida Association of Drug Court  Professionals met for the first time on April 4, 2002 in Orlando, FL.  The  organization was founded out of needs identified by the statewide Task Force on  Treatment-Based Drug Courts, which was created by Administrative Order, AOSC  02-24 on 8/23/02 by Chief Justice Anstead, Supreme Court of Florida.   Functions of the Task Force includes:

"Assist the Florida Association of Drug Court Professionals in   determining training needs for professionals involved with the   treatment-based drug court concept."

The Association is involved in many activities that benefit drug court  professionals and the communities they serve.  Training, drug testing, case  transfers and tracking legislation are a few of the activities in which FADCP  engages.  

All drug court professionals and friends of drug court programs are  encouraged to join, participate and assist this emerging field!